Franchisee of Netaji Subhas National Youth

Becoming an Authorized Training Partner of Netaji Subhas National Youth Computer Center (NSNY). Any individual person or organization can become an Authorized Training Partner of Netaji Subhas National Youth computer training center. The interested Person / Organization have to proceed through a“Training Partner application form” (Both online & offline). Authorized Training Partner can earn lucrative amount. To know details about Authorized Training Partner call. 9143160782

Are you an Educated unemployed or small business person and want to establish yourself ? Then, yes NSNY is the right place for you, Now you can get our business development training and would be our affiliation training partner and establish yourself a successful center owner.We always want, every training partner of NSNY and their teaching, non-teaching staff achieve their goals like financial stability, better lifestyle, Home, Car etc.

We provide the best marketing support to our franchise by about 20 to 25 special technique. We updated ourselves with upcoming and innovative planning for our center owners and their all staff. If you are a non-Govt. staff of any education sector and want to work with education sector in a better way in future then choose NSNY and be confident about your success. If you have knowledge about Education sector or have some experience in it and interested to built a successful career of many more students also want to achieve your dream in a very honest way with financial and social establishment. Then you are welcome to NSNY, we assure you with our best support.

*Authorized study center under Netaji Subhas National Youth Banner, the center must have fulfill the below requirements.

1). Send An Application by E-Mail or WhatsApp or Franchisee Online Form with Your KYC
2). One Computer Lab (Minimum Four Computers)
3). One Admission office (As your requirement)
4). One Printer (Print + Scan + Copy) & Internet Connection(For online admission)
5) One Theory room (if possible)
6) Manpower (As your requirement)

**Goods provided by
Netaji Subhas National Youth :-

1). Affiliation Certificate

2). Your Center registration & Authorization name

and Address in Websites (in 2 Sites)

3). Online ERP Software

4). Admission Form (100 pieces )

5). 3 fold browser (50 pieces)

6). Printed Table Calendar

7). Printed Diary

8). Digital Display File

9). Sample copy of Student’s Certificate

10). Free Affiliation on Tellaring & Beautician.

11). Free Special Marketing Training.

12). Free Counseling Training

13). All Design (Front Flex, Poster, Handbill, etc…)

14). Special Support…

15). Free News Paper Add

16). Special Planning & Project.

17). Digital Marketing Help

18). Etc…


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